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View and Pay Your Bill

Our district offers a variety of ways for you to pay your bill

To view and pay your bill with a credit or debit card, click on Payclix to go directly to our website.  Payclix is only able to accept card payments.  To utilize this option, you will first need to register for online account access:  or call PayClix directly at (866) 729-2549.

Another option is to make a quick one-time payment directly on our website; click here.

Automatic Bill Pay

In addition to online payment opportunities, our customers can set up account specifics, view bills online, track month-to-month usage, auto-pay, and receive due date reminders. Our office can also send your monthly invoice by email, which helps keep our costs down. Please contact our office so we may add your email address. 

Pay in Person

We accept cash, checks, and money orders at the district office. If you need to pay outside of business hours, please use the payment dropbox located on the left side of the office gate.

 If you visit while we are closed, please dial 442-204-1151 or 442-204-1152

 to arrange an appointment.

Pay by Mail

Please mail your payment to P.O. BOX 938, Apple Valley, CA 92307, or the district office, located at 9429 Cerra Vista Street, Apple Valley, CA 92308. If you pay with cash, you can always hand deliver your payment and receive a receipt. If you pay after hours, please use the payment dropbox on the left side of the office gate.

Pay by Phone

If you'd prefer to pay by credit card over the phone, call PayClix directly:

(866) 729-2549

Our office does not have a way to take payments over the phone

Hardship / Grievance Requests

LIHWAP Income Eligibility:  Many low-income households nationwide are already income-qualified to receive help paying past due or current water bills through the Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP).  For information on available programs, please contact our office.

When will I receive my water bill?

 The office mails the blue postcard invoices within the first within three days of the end of the month.  We know the mail service out here isn't the best, so If you have not received your bill by the end of the first week of each month, please call our office to inquire about your current invoice and recent payment history.  As a reminder, registering with PayClix will allow you to receive notifications of bill amounts electronically (via email); you are not required to pay through PayClix, but the registration process will help to avoid any missing billing information should the postal system not deliver customer invoices promptly. 

Please visit the PayClix registration by clicking on the logo below.

Image of Payclix Logo
Examples of email statements from Apple Valley Heights County Water District and Payclix are below


A utility bill for water services with billing details, usage, and payment information.
An email showing a billing statement for Apple Valley Heights water service with the amount due and a link to pay online.
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