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Water Rates, Fees, and other Charges

Water Rate

$20.75 Base Rate includes 0 cubic feet

$8.00 Surcharge

$17.00 Capital Improvement Fee

$3.70 per unit for 0-800 cubic feet

$5.20 per unit for 900-3500 cubic feet

$6.70 per unit for 3500-8000 cubic feet

$8.20 per unit for over 8000 cubic feet

Fees and other charges 

$20.00     Past Due Tag – Notification                                      

$50.00    Turn off Tags -Non-payment                                      

$25.00    Turn off meter - Customer Request                       

$25.00    Turn on Meter – Customer Request                      

$25.00    Returned Check fee – all Checks*                         

                    (* Plus, the bank fee)

After two returned checks within one year billing period, the customer will be required to pay in cash, money order or cashier check for one year following the second returned check

                 Fire Hydrant Use – Charged at 2x rates

$37          Lien Release   Rate + Notary Fee -- Currently       

$50           Will Serve Letters                                                             

$180         Customer Account Deposits                                   

$35.38      Inactive Accounts                                                           

$30           Standby Assessments – per acre --       

$10,042    Capital Connection Fee

$2,000      Deposit  --  Water Meter + Service Line installation (Actual Cost) 

If you choose to use our 3rd party for online payments their fees are listed here

Standard Credit Card Transactions: Percent Rate of 2.90% of the transaction plus flat fee of $0.30

Paid in full by Customer.  Credit Card Transaction Fees are collected in a second transaction.

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