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AVHCWD Board of Directors

Patricia Duwel, William Woody, Roxanne Roberson, Michael Kaminsky, VACANT|OPEN SEAT

The Board of Directors represents the level of governance with statutory authority and responsibility to set policy and the governing rules of the Water District. The Board is responsible for establishing policy, engaging in deliberate strategic planning toward effective service delivery over the long term, and articulating these strategies to the District General Manager and Office Secretary. Apple Valley Heights County Water District is governed by a five-member, elected Board of Directors who serve four-year, alternative terms. Each director is elected by voters within the district boundaries, appointed to office in lieu of election, or appointed in lieu of election.

One of the most significant responsibilities as a board member is understanding that the board is a team and you must work together. Understanding the dynamics of the group and the individual perspectives and opinions of your fellow board members is crucial to the success of the team, the district, and the community you represent. This united approach will help to strengthen the district and provide the grounds for maintaining a clear vision of the future, a unity of purpose, and a cohesive board.

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