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Behind On your Water Bill?

What to Do if You Are Behind on Water Payments 

  • Get Information from our Office: 

For questions or assistance regarding your water bill, the District's Customer Service staff can be reached at (760) 247-7330. Customers may also visit the District's Customer Service desk in person, Monday through Friday, from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM, except on District holidays. The District's Customer Service office is located at 9429 Cerra Vista Street, Apple Valley, CA 92308.  Apple Valley Heights County Water District will not shut off your water unless your bill is 60 days overdue.  Our office will make every attempt to contact you by phone, email, and paper mail at least ten (10) business days before your water is shut off.  Please see our water-shutoff policy.

  • Talk to our Office About Payment Plan Options:

A customer's payment of his or her unpaid balance may be temporarily extended for a period not to exceed four (4) months after the balance was originally due. The unpaid balance may be divided into no more than four (4) parts, each of which will be due in an agreed upon payment schedule endorsed by both the customer and District staff. If the customer fails to honor the payment plan specifics, the customer will be subject to discontinuance when any portion of the payment arrangement is sixty (60) days past due. 

Requirements Under the Water Shutoff Protection Act 

The Water Shutoff Protection Act includes several new requirements for termination of water service. Specifically, most water providers:
  • Cannot discontinue service unless the customer’s bill is overdue for at least 60 days.
  • Must provide at least seven days’ notice before termination of water services, and must make a good faith effort to provide this notice if telephone and written notice are unsuccessful.
  • Cannot discontinue service for customers who meet certain health and financial requirements and who are willing to make alternative payments.
  • Must have available for customers facing water shutoffs a plan for deferred or reduced payments, alternative payment schedules, and a formal mechanism for customers to contest or appeal a bill.
  • Must report annually to the State Water Resources Control Board on water shutoffs due to inability to pay and post the information on the water provider’s website, if it has one. 

If your water account is past-due contact our office,  we can help spread out you account balance over several months to help you get caught up.

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