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Outstanding Checks | Unclaimed Monies

Unclaimed Monies

AVHCWD has accumulated unclaimed money as a result of customer refunds relating to the closing of water accounts, customer-related conservation rebates, refunds of deposits to developers upon completion of projects, Vendors, etc. These amounts remain outstanding due to being returned undeliverable without a forwarding address, companies closing, filing bankruptcies, or for various other reasons. In an effort to locate these  customers/developers, AVHCWD has supplied a listing of unclaimed money.

 List of Customers with Unclaimed Money (Updated as of May 31, 2024)

Filing Instructions

To claim an amount shown on this list, customers/developers/Vendors must fill out a claim form which can be submitted by downloading, printing, and mailing or faxing the request for unclaimed monies form to our district office or by completing the online form below.

Unclaimed Monies

Pursuant to California Government Code 50052, I wish to file a claim for unclaimed funds published on the Apple Valley Heights County Water District’s website.

Amount of Claim:

I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct and is being submitted to Apple Valley Heights County Water District (AVHCWD) to substantiate my claim to monies paid to AVHCWD. I further certify that I have the authority and right to claim and receive payment of these monies and hereby release AVHCWD, its Board members, employees, representatives, attorneys and agents from all liability and further obligation with respect to this claim.
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